Acowin License Manager: The Acowin Server program has been renamed to “Acowin License Manager.” The appearance of the program has been slightly adjusted, but it still has the same buttons, and serves the same purpose. You may notice the Acowin License Manager closes considerably faster than the Acowin Server did. It is no longer necessary to close the Acowin License Manager overnight, if you leave your server computer running all night – you should let the Acowin License Manager run constantly.

Improved QB Performance: This version of Acowin brings a substantial increase in speed when synchronizing invoices with QuickBooks, or requesting customer aging information and invoice balances from QuickBooks. Your QB Sync runs should be much quicker.

Improved Email Performance: Email message sent from Acowin, including emailed invoices, Purchase Orders, and Call Slips, should go out much faster than ever. If you occasionally experienced time-out issues when sending emails in the past, you should no longer have such problems.

Windows Vista Compatibility: Acowin version 4.2 is fully compatible with Windows Vista. Both Acowin servers and workstations can now be installed under Vista.

Auto-Updater Now Runs as a Service: The Acowin Auto Updater, which formerly ran as a minimized icon in your server’s system tray, now runs as a Windows service on the Acowin server computer. This will reduce icon clutter in your system tray, and comply with the requirements of Windows Vista. The Auto Updater service should normally be left running at all times.