ACOWIN Version 5.20 has been released!

Team Management Systems is excited to announce that ACOWIN version 5.20 has been officially released and is receiving incredible reviews and feedback. Below is a list of the some of the great features that are included in ACOWIN 5.20.

Dispatch Board

  • Ability to pick what columns (techs) rollover and the ability to keep the scheduled and range time – The rollover feature has been significantly enhanced to allow you to pick which columns to rollover on the Dispatch Board as well as if you want to keep the Scheduled time and Range time. You will have the option to select to roll over all columns company wide, the current board you are viewing, just the unassigned column, or any specific column.
  •  Technician KPI (Key Performance Indicators) – 2 great sections have been added to the Technician KPI screen. To access the Technician KPI screen, Right Click the techs name at the top of the column on the Dispatch Board and click on the KPI button. The report can be found in the following location: Reports / Technicians / Technician KPI Report.
    • Travel Time vs. Work Time Section – You will now see how much time the technician spent traveling vs. actual work time, in both hours and minutes as well as percentage. In addition to this being on the Screen, it is also on the Technician KPI report.
    • Service Goal Section – You can now set up a Service Sales Goal that you want a tech to achieve daily in the Employee file, and the actual sales vs. the Goal will appear on the KPI. The KPI will show the Posted Sales, the Goal and the Variance in a dollar amount as well as what percentage of the goal has been met for the day. (NOTE – only posted call slips will show up towards the goal). In addition to the Goals being on the screen, it is also on the Technician KPI Report.
  • Open Call Slip List – An incredible new feature has been added to the “Ready to Invoice List” option, which shows you a list of all of the “Open” call slips that you have in your system. You can sort the list by any of the columns in the grid and can instantly zoom to a particular call slip by double clicking on it, or selecting it and clicking the Detail Button.
  • Quick Search option – Another exciting new feature added to the Dispatch Board is the ability to do a Quick Search for dispatch records on the schedule board. This will allow you to quickly search for dispatch records based on the Call Slip #, Site Name, Customer Name, Site Address, Zone or Problem Code. You can narrow your search down by the status of the dispatch record, call slip status and the type of call (Call Slip, Inspection or Job Cost). Once you have your list, you can instantly jump to the Dispatch Detail Record, Site File or the Call Slip itself.
  • Show only specific records on your Dispatch Board – You now have the ability to show specific dispatch records on your Dispatch Board, such as Completed Calls, Posted Calls, Voided Calls, Regular Call Slips, Inspection Call Slips, or Job Cost Call Slips. By default, ALL dispatch records will show on your dispatch board each time you open it, but you can use the “Dispatch Settings” to narrow down what you see to only specific records or call types. For example, you might have a full board for the day, but you quickly want to only see any “Inspection” call slips that are scheduled. Or it may be near the end of the day and you want to only show any open call slips that are left. In other words, “Hide” Completed and Posted call slips for the day.
  • Multi Tech (Crew) Scheduling – ACOWIN now makes it very quick and easy to schedule one or several technicians to a call slip or job for a single day, or multiple days. This feature is available on the Dispatch Detail Record and on the Call Slip screen. If you need to schedule a technician for the same job for multiple days, or several technicians to the same job for one or multiple days, you will love the Multi Tech scheduling feature. Simply enter the Start and Ending dates, the scheduled time, if you want to include Saturday and Sunday if they fall in your date range, the estimated time per day and select which technicians you want to schedule. The screen will display how many records will be created, and then automatically schedule the techs on the dispatch board for the dates and techs selected.
  • Call Slip Notes – You can now add or view notes that are directly associated to the call slip. These notes are designed for internal notes about the call slip, such as if parts are on order, the call had to be re-scheduled, permit has been applied for, called for inspection, etc. Notes can be entered, modified and viewed from the Call Slip Advanced screen or from right clicking the dispatch record. If you have a note associated with the Call Slip, the dispatch record will display a narrow blue line the card, indicating that there are notes associated with it.
  • Ability to change between different dispatch boards on the 31 day calendar – You now have the option to switch between your different dispatch boards on the 31 day calendar. Therefore, if you have one board with all of your service techs, another board with all of your installers, etc., you can move between the boards on the 31 day calendar.
  • Zone of call being scheduled now shows on 31 day calendar and any calls scheduled in that zone will be highlighted in green when looking at the “Calls” tab – If you are using the 31 day calendar to schedule a call, you will now see the Zone in which the call is located at the bottom right hand side of the screen. If you click on the “Calls” tab at the top of the screen, any calls in the same zone will be highlighted in Green so that you can quickly determine who to send to the call. Remember in a prior release of ACOWIN, the number of calls for each date in that zone will appear in red in the top right hand corner of each date on the 31 day calendar so you can easily determine what dates you have calls in the same zone.
  • Lunch Tracking – You can now track when a technician takes lunch for the day. If the technician has not taken a lunch for the day, the check box at the top of their column on the Dispatch Board will be empty. When they are at lunch, the check box will have a yellow background with an “X” indicating that the tech is at lunch. When the tech has surpassed their allotted lunch time, the check box will have a check mark, indicating that the tech has completed their lunch for the day. In order to avoid confusion, the lunch indicator will only be noted for “Today’s” date. To see lunch info for prior dates, you can run the Technician Leave Report or look in the Leave File and select the option for Lunch. NOTE – If you are using ACOTRUCK, the tech can start their lunch time from the field, which will automatically update the dispatch board back at the office.
  • Ready To Invoice List – If you change the status on a call slip and put a check mark in the “Transfer to A/R Flag” field, but do not post it, the Status will be highlighted yellow in the Ready to Invoice list. This will let you know at a glance which ones you have “completed” if you are batch posting your invoices as opposed to posting them one at a time.

Call Slips

  • Next Inspection Date is now a Hyperlink to the Contract File– If you are looking at or adding a call slip for a customer that has a maintenance agreement with inspections left, the call slip screen will show you the month and year of the next inspection. A hyperlink has been added so that if you click the Next Inspection text, the system will automatically jump to the contract file so you review the contract and/or create the inspection slip for the inspection on the fly.
  • Multi Tech (Crew) Scheduling – You can access the Multi Tech (Crew) scheduling feature discussed earlier in this document from the Call Slip screen. This will allow you to quickly schedule multiple dates and/or techs at the time of call slip creation.
  • Call Slip Notes – The Call Slip Notes discussed earlier in this document can be accessed from the “Advanced” screen on the Call Slip. If you have a note associated with the Call Slip, the dispatch record will display a narrow blue line on the card, indicating that there are notes associated with it.
  • Equipment Year Alert – When viewing the Site’s equipment list in the Call Slip file, the equipment year will now be displayed and if a piece of equipment is 10 years or older, the year will be highlighted in Red. This will allow the dispatcher to instantly see that the site has older equipment and determine who the best technician to send for the repair. For example, if the equipment is newer, you may want to send any tech, but if a piece of equipment is in the replacement age, you may want to send a technician that is better at selling a replacement system.
  • Future Work Text – If you select “Future Work” to appear on the Call Slip while entering a new call slip, it will now display the words “Future Work” above the future work information in the description area of the call slip. If you elect to Show “Problem Text” on the invoice, it will not print the words “Future Work” or anything after it. This will allow you to include prior future work that was recommended to be included in the problem text, which can be seen by the techs using ACOTRUCK, but will not be printed on the customer’s invoice if including the problem reported text.
  • DN – Dispatcher Notes (DNTMS) – If you add a problem code to your system called “DN – Dispatcher Notes” (or “DNTMS – Dispatcher Notes”) and select it on a call slip, it along with anything below it will not appear on the invoice if you elect to show the “Problem Text” on an invoice. This allows the dispatcher to enter specific notes for the technician to see in the field using ACOTRUCK, but prevents it from being printed on the invoice if they show the “Problem Text” on the invoice.
  • Invoice Date field now has the calendar icon as opposed to current date icon – When completing in invoice in the office, the icon next to the invoice date will now bring up your calendar as opposed to automatically defaulting to today’s date.
  • Option to have the sales person transfer to QB during sync – If you are integrating ACOWIN with QuickBooks, you now have the option to have the salesperson associated with the invoice to transfer to QuickBooks. You will need to add the salespersons QB Sync name in the employee file. Once this is done, any invoices that have that salesperson on it will add the name to the invoice in QuickBooks during syncing.
  • Terms and Invoice Due Date – The terms and Invoice Due Date are now displayed on the bottom left hand side of the Call Slip Profitability Screen. This will allow you to quickly determine the due date when reviewing a Call Slip Invoice.

Site File

  • Invoice Screen – If you are integrating with QuickBooks, the invoice screen will now display the invoices in reverse invoice date order, showing the most recent invoices first. It will also limit the “Balance” lookup to the first 20 invoices in reverse order by default. This will show you the balance for the most recent 20 invoices, and if you want to see the balance for more than 20, you can select the number show from the drop down selection box. This will speed up the screen considerably if you have a customer that has many invoices.

Contracts File (Service Agreements)

  • Ability to Hide Dead or Expired Contracts on the Search Screen – By default, the system will now hide any Dead or Expired Contracts from the search screen. If you place a check mark in the “Show Expired / Dead Contracts” check box, then you will be able see all contracts based on the search criteria. If you do elect to show “Expired or Dead” contracts, they will appear in italicized and red text.
  • Quick Profit Button on Contract Screen – A new “Profit” button has been added to the contract that will instantly show you the profit of a particular contract, based on the sell price, any additional sales on computer generated inspection call slips and the costs from the computer generated inspection call slips. This screen will show you the profitability based on the Total Contract sell price and the Billed to Date amounts.
  • Ability to create inspection slips that are more than 3 months out – You can now create inspection call slips as far into the future as you want. Prior to this release, you could only create inspection call slips up to 3 months into the future.

Inventory File

  • Ability to make inventory items inactive – You now have the ability to make an inventory item inactive. Once you make an item inactive, it will no longer appear in look ups throughout the system, transfer to ACOTRUCK or be included on restocking reports and functions. In order to make an inventory item inactive, it must have a zero balance.

Employee File

  • Technician Service Sales Goals – You can now enter a daily service sales goal in the employee file for technicians. The goal will appear in the Technician KPI Report and the KPI screen from the Dispatch Board, and compare the technician’s actual sales vs. the goal, and show you the variance. The KPI screen will show you for the particular day, whereas the report will calculate the daily goal by the number of days worked in the selection set and use that compared to the total sales during the same time period.


  • Report Cards – A “Report Card” section has been added to the Dashboard showing you Sales, Costs, Gross Profit, Number of Invoices, Average Invoice Sell Price and Percentages for Service Calls based on the CSR that took the call, the Zone that calls are located and the Marketing Source.
    ACOTRUCK Mobile Invoicing
  • Job Cost Call Slips can now be used in ACOTRUCK – You can now download Job Cost Call Slips to ACOTRUCK and enter labor times, material used, add or modify equipment, enter resolutions, readings, attach images and generate a work order to capture the customer’s signature.

OnCall Module

  • Ability to see more than 20 sites when searching for a customer site. In prior versions, your search was limited to 20 sites. Therefore if you had an apartment complex or a commercial customer with lots of sitesit could be difficult to find a particular site. By default, it will still show the first 20 sites, but you can drop down the “Result Count” field and choose a higher number if needed.


Additional Search and Sort options have been added to many different reports, but the following are some report features that we think deserve special mention.

  • Service Agreement Opportunity Report – A new option has been added to “Include Contract Details”, and for how many months in the future. This feature is designed to be used to make sure that any new contract sales and / or renewals have been added to the system. So if you sold a contract and you ask for the details, and you do not see a new contract on the report, you know that it was not entered into the system. This report can be found in the following location: Reports / Call Slip / S/A Opportunities Report.
  • Call Slip Detail Report – This is a new report that prints a highly detailed overview of all of the information associated with a call slip. It includes information from the Main Call Slip Screen, the Labor and Times Screens, the Material Screen, the Flat Rate Screen, the Invoice Screen and the Profitability Screen. This is a great report to run if you need to review the details of the call slip when you are going to be away from the computer. This report can be found in the following location: Reports / Call Slip/ Call Slip Detail Report. You can also print this report for an individual call slip from the Call Slip file using the “Print” icon.
  • Customer Contract Report – a Selection has been added to this report to show “Active Contracts Only”. This will allow you to easily get a list of all your active contracts. Prior to this version, you had to run this same report and enter a starting and ending expiration date to get a list of active contracts, which was confusing for some users to understand. Simply place a check mark in the “Show Active Contracts Only” check box and your results will only show current contracts. This report can be found in the following location: Reports / “Customer / Site” / Customer Contracts.
  • Equipment Label Report – An option has been added to the Equipment Label Report to choose between printing the Customers Address or the Site Address. An option to only print “One Label per Site” was also added to the report, so that if a customer has multiple pieces of equipment based on your selection set, you can limit the report to printing only one label. This report can be found in the following location: Reports / Equipment / “Equipment / Customer Labels”.
  • Employee List Report – Two new options have been added to this report to show only employees that have been assigned to ACOTRUCK and only employees that have been assigned an OnCall login. This report can be found in the following location: Reports / Miscellaneous / Employee List
  • Call Slip Profitability Report (Summary and Detail) – The option to show “Recognized Income” if you are using Deferred Income on your Service Agreements (Contracts) has been added to this report. If you select this option, then any recognized income on Inspection Call Slips will be show as a “Sale” amount on the report, as opposed to only the costs being shown, reducing the technicians profitability. These reports can be found in the following locations: Reports / Call Slip / Call Slip Profitability Summary, and Reports / Call Slip / Call Slip Profitability Detail.
  • Tech KPI Report – Technician Travel Time vs. Work time has been added to the KPI report as well as the technician’s Service Sales Goals. The tech KPI report can be found at the following location: Reports / Technicians / Tech KPI Report.

ACOWIN Support Team