ACOWIN Version 5.30 has been released!

Team Management Systems is excited to announce that ACOWIN version 5.30 has been officially released and the feedback has been great! Below is a list of some of the great features included in ACOWIN 5.30.

ACOWIN now allows you to setup canned SMS text messages and text your customers. You will be able to text a single call, all calls for a technician’s column, or text to multiple technician’s columns. In order to use the Texting feature, you will need to sign up for a texting account with

Auto Sync Calls to ACOTRUCK
You can now setup your system to automatically mark the technician’s next call slip to be downloaded when the tech hits the Sync button from the field. This can be defined to only allow one open call slip to be downloaded, or allow the ability to download multiple call slips. This is an optional feature per technician, and does not need to be implemented.

Dispatch Board
The Dispatch Board has an updated, refreshed look. The SMS texting icon has been added to the Dispatch Board. Clicking this option will open the SMS Texting option allowing you to send a text message to customers.

New color coding has been added to the Technician’s name header at the top of the Dispatcher indicating if a technician on Leave, but can still be assigned calls. A Medium Gray color with the Estimated Hours in White indicates that a tech is on Leave, but can still be assigned calls. This option would be used if a technician has scheduled training, a doctor’s appointment, etc. for a portion of the day, but can be scheduled the remainder of the day. Dark gray indicates that the technician is on Leave and can’t be assigned any calls for the day. This option would be used when the technician is on vacation, sick, etc.

Vendor Bill
You can now assign a Profit Center to the Sales Tax expense or COGS account. ACOWIN has always associated a Profit Center with the items purchased, but the sales tax would go to the main sales tax account. Now you can assign the sales tax expense (or COGS) to the Profit Center also.

Contract Invoice
You can now show the amount collected on a Contract Invoice. This comes in handy if you need to reprint a Contract Invoice and want to reflect that you have received payment for the invoice.

Job Cost Invoice
You can now show the amount collected on a Job Cost Invoice. This comes in handy if you need to reprint a Job Cost Invoice and want to reflect that you have received payment for the invoice.

Purchase Orders
You now have the option of changing the “Ship To” for Purchase orders to “Pick Up”, which will print out on the Purchase Order. This option is used for Will Call items that someone will pick up from the supply house, as opposed to having it shipped. You can do this for an individual item or for the entire Purchase Order.

Service Invoices
You now have the option to show print the Equipment Location on a Service Invoice as well as the option to Suppress Blank Checklist Items. This is a default setting, when set will automatically show the Equipment Location if the option to show Equipment is selected and will suppress the Blank Check List Items if that option is selected.

A new report has been added that will allow you to reprint invoices based on your selection criteria. This is a great feature to use if your printer jammed, you forgot to print reports, you want to reprint all invoices for a particular customer, etc. This report is accessed from the Reports Menu.

Several reports have new selection and/or sort options
Some of the reports that have added selection or sort options include:
• Deferred Income Aging Report
• Problem Code List Report
• Scheduled Calls Report
• Customer / Site List Report
• Flat Rate Comparison Report
• Call Slip Profitability Summary Report
• Call Slip Profitability Detail Report

OnCall Module
The customer and site email addresses are now visible on the Customer Information screen.


You now have the option to draw on pictures added in the field in ACOTRUCK. This will allow you to make notes, point out problem areas, etc. on the picture. The drawing feature is only available when adding a new picture from the field. If a picture has already been uploaded, you will not be able to draw on it.

A new feature has been added that allows you to view Site Attachments as well as add Site Attachments from the field. If you have a DropBox account setup, you can upload pre-defined editable PDF documents and open them from the new Site Attachments file and fill out the editable fields. When you save it, it will automatically save it to ACOTRUCK and upload it to the Site File when you Sync your call slip back to the office.

Ability to add custom e-mail text for emailing invoices and work orders, which can include logo and technician photo, as well as the ability to embed Review Buzz and Survey Square links in Work Orders and Invoice Email Text sent from ACOTRUCK.

Ability to automatically open ACORATE Flat Rate Reader from ACOTRUCK, select the repairs you want to recommend and automatically save them back to ACOTRUCK.