Creating a Company

The first step in using ACOWIN is to create your own “live” company, using the Setup Wizard, which is fully explored and demonstrated in this presentation.

(7 minutes, 2 seconds)

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Running the QB Wizard

This tutorial reviews the QB Wizard, which links your ACOWIN company to QuickBooks and imports the QuickBooks Customer List into ACOWIN.

(5 minutes, 14 seconds)

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Accounts Payable Setup

This presentation discusses the QB Wizard for A/P, which can be used to link Accounts Payable between ACOWIN and QuickBooks, allowing you to transfer Vendor Bills to QB from ACOWIN.

(6 minutes, 4 seconds)

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Adding Employees

This tutorial covers the basics of adding a new employee to the system, including Dispatcher setup and password assignment.

(9 minutes, 25 seconds)

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Employee Departments and Permissions

This tutorial demonstrates how you can optionally assign your employees to various Departments, and how you can restrict access to selected components of ACOWIN with the Permissions screen of the Employee File.

(4 minutes, 15 seconds)

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Setting up Automatic Payment Creation

This tutorial teaches you how to setup ACOWIN to automatically create payments based on entering a “Collected” amount on a call slip. Although this tutorial discusses auto creation with QuickBooks, it also works with ACOWIN’s Accounts Receivable if you are using it.

(1 minutes, 54 seconds)

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