Payroll Setup

Watch this tutorial to learn how to configure QuickBooks to accept payroll data from ACOWIN, and link your ACOWIN technicians to the QuickBooks employee data.

(4 minutes, 15 seconds)

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Payroll Processing

Watch this tutorial to learn how to use the ACOWIN Payroll System to prepare weekly time cards for your technicians and synchronize their hours worked with the QuickBooks Payroll Module.

(4 minutes, 5 seconds)

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Adding Project Management Labor from Manual Time Card

This tutorial teaches you how to add Project Management Labor from a time card, as opposed to entering it daily through the Dispatch Board or Call Slips. This process should be done PRIOR to preparing your weekly time cards (watch the Payroll Processing tutorial for more details on preparing weekly time cards).

(2 minutes, 9 seconds)

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