ACOWIN Training Schedule for Fort Myers Training

Fort Myers, FL Training Schedule (2018)

(Fort Myers training classes are held on Thursday and Friday)

Location Date Type of Training
Ft Myers, FL January 18 & 19 Beginner/Intermediate Training
Ft Myers, FL February 15 & 16 Intermediate/Advanced Training
Ft Myers, FL March 15 & 16 Beginner/Intermediate Training
Ft Myers, FL April 19 & 20 Intermediate/Advanced Training
Ft Myers, FL May 17 & 18 Beginner/Intermediate Training
Ft Myers, FL June 21 & 22 Intermediate/Advanced Training
Ft Myers, FL July 19 & 20 Beginner/Intermediate Training
Ft Myers, FL August 16 & 17 Intermediate/Advanced Training
Ft Myers, FL September 20 & 21 Beginner/Intermediate Training
Ft Myers, FL October 18 & 19 Intermediate/Advanced Training
Ft Myers, FL November 15 & 16 Beginner/Intermediate Training
Ft Myers, FL December 13 & 14 Intermediate/Advanced Training

Regional Training Seminars

Location Date Type of Training
Charlotte, NC April 12, 2018  Beginner
Charlotte, NC April 13-14, 2018  Intermediate/Advanced
San Antonio, TX April 26, 2018  Beginner
San Antonio, TX April 27-28, 2018  Intermediate/Advanced

(Regional training classes are held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM with an optional bonus training class Friday night from 5:15 to 7:00 PM)

Basic Training will cover the following topics:

Thursday – 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.* Thursday – 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.*

  • System Overview – Quick overview of the ACOWIN System.
  • Customer/Site Options – Adding New Customers & Sites, Editing Existing Customers & Sites, and how to use Site Notes
  • Dispatching – Understanding the Dispatch Board, Setting up New Dispatchers, & Setting up User Define Dispatch Board.
  • Call Taking/Scheduling Calls – Taking a Service Call, Adding New Customer, Assigning Schedule or Range of Times, Changing Call Priority & Changing Estimated Time.
  • Equipment – Entering Equipment Model Numbers & Serial Numbers.
  • Service Invoicing – Closing out Time & Material, As Agreed, & Flat Rate Invoices, Syncing to QuickBooks®.
  • Purchase Orders – Issuing POs for Service Calls, & Entering Receiving Slips.
  • Maintenance Contracts – Setup & Entering Basic Service/Maintenance Contracts.
  • Quick Quote – Preparing Simple Quote, Understanding 3 types of Quotes, & Status Change.
  • Reports – Basic Understanding on Running Reports.

Intermediate/Advanced will cover the following topics:

Friday – 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.* Friday – 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.*

  • Advanced Setup Using Problem Codes to Streamline the Invoice Process, Res Code & Footers to Enhance Use of ACOTRUCK, Setting up Happy Calls, Intercall, Holiday Setup, Setting up Customer Types, & Equipment Checklist.
  • Importing Flat Rate Data – Importing Flat Rate Data from ACORATE or From the Other Flat Rate Systems.
  • Reports – Using the Reports to their Fullest including Advanced Selection & Sorting Options, Going over Recommended Daily, Weekly & Monthly Reports & Exporting Report Data.
  • Dashboard – Extensive review of the Dashboard for a Quick Company Snapshot.
  • Advanced Customer/Site Options – Managing Multiple Sites, Changing Ownership, Alternate Billing, Printing Customer or Site Mailing Label, Adding Credit Card or ACH Info for Automatic Monthly Service Agreement Billing, Viewing Future Work, Viewing Prior Happy Calls, & Inactivating Customers.
  • Advanced Scheduling/Dispatching – Using Sort Button to Sort Calls According to Schedule Time, Zip Code & Zone, Tracking Call Back & Warranty Calls, Tracking Service Agreement Opportunities, Managing Happy Calls, Applying Future Work to Call Slips, Review of 7 Day Schedule & Advanced Scheduling of Calls Using the Daily and 31 day Schedule Boards.
  • Technician KPI’s – Understanding The Technician Key Performance Indicators and Running Tech KPI Reports.
  • Equipment – Tracking Warranties, Using Attachments, Marketing Old Equipment, Setting up Components, Utilizing Detailed Equipment History Report, & Required Materials for Inspections.
  • Service Invoicing – Tying History to Equipment, Adjusting Billing Rates, Adjusting Overtime & Regular Time Labor, Relieving Inventory from Trucks and Warehouses, using Non-Stock Items, Utilizing Automatic Invoice Text Creation, As Agreed Invoices, Flat Rate Invoices, Miscellaneous Charges, No Charge Invoices – in Whole or Part, Reviewing Call Slip Profitability, Creating Credit Memo’s, Posting Invoices to QuickBooks® & Reviewing Various Management & Profitability Reports.
  • ACOTRUCK Mobile Invoicing – General Setup Options, Advanced Setup Options (Including Showing Flat Rate Service Agreement Savings & How to account for Time Gap Between Calls), Downloading Open Calls, Reviewing Detailed Service Call Information, Using Turn-by-Turn Directions, Viewing and Adding Attachments, Entering Time, Material, Flat Rate Codes and Equipment Serviced, Gaining Flat Rate Work Approval from Customer, Completing an Invoice, Applying Payment, Capturing Customer’s Signature and Returning the Call to the Office.
  • ACOWIN OnCall – Setting Up, Adding New Customers, Viewing Existing Customer Information (Including Site History, Equipment and Equipment History) & Adding New Call Slips.

After Hours:

Friday – 5:15 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.* (Optional)

Open Session – Q&A, Overview of ACORATE Flat Rate Software, Export Flat Rate Data Out, & TMS Flat Rate Reader app for iPhone & iPad

Intermediate/Advanced will cover the following topics:

Saturday – 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.*

  • Quick Quotes Adding New Quotes, Copying Prior Quotes into New Quotes, Creating & Managing Proposals, Creating Purchase Orders from Material Quoted after the Sale and a Review of the Various Quick Quote Reports.
  • Managing Service Contracts Utilizing Contract Types for Reporting and Expediting Completion of Contracts, Entering New Contracts, Correcting Missed Inspections and Existing Contracts, Setting Up Deferred Income on New Contracts, Adjusting Deferred Income on Existing Contracts, Setting Up Contracts for Automatic Credit Card Billing, Processing Automatic Credit Card Contract Invoices, Mass Creation of Contract Invoices, Running Monthly Reports, Going over Monthly Processes for Generating Inspection Slips, Generating an Individual Inspection Slip and Completing an Inspection Slip as No Charge or When Some of the Inspection is Billable.
  • Purchase Orders – Issuing PO’s for Service, Job Cost & Inventory, Receiving Slips, Back Ordered Material, Returning Material to Vendor, & Distributing to Multiple Locations, Trucks or Warehouses.
  • Vendor Bills – Importing Vendors, Entering Vendor Bills, Entering Vendor Credit Memos, & Syncing to QuickBooks®.
  • Inventory – Overview of Setting up Warehouses & Trucks, Adding Inventory, Copying Inventory Locations, Restocking Warehouse, Automatic Truck Restock, Transferring Inventory, Printing & Using Bar Codes, Importing Inventory & Utilizing Assemblies.
  • Word Merge – Setting up and Merging Data from ACOWIN into Microsoft Word®.
  • Document Attachments – How to attach Documents, Spreadsheets, Pictures, Scanned Images, etc. to Various Parts of your ACOWIN System.
  • Employee Permissions – Applying Employee Permissions, Creating & Editing Permission Templates & Assigning to Employee.
  • Project Management – Overview of Project Management, Setting up Job Category, Phases, Types & Task Codes, Creating New Job, Change Orders, Managing Picking Slips, Purchase Orders, & Phase Call Slips, Entering Time with Direct Labor File, Entering Direct Charges, Invoicing, Closing of Jobs,Running Reports to Manage Jobs.

* After audit reviews, times and schedule are subject to change.

** Must have emailing/paging module.

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** Seminars must be paid for in advance and are non-refundable.

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