Quick Quotes

img_quick_quote“Quick Quotes let you put together an entire estimate on a single screen. It’s incredibly fast, and it makes the estimating process simple and obvious. It even handles Flat Rate billing for jobs!”

-Bill, TX

  • Fast and easy to create
  • Estimate labor costs for simple projects
  • Include detailed list of materials required
  • Bill with T&M, As Agreed, or Flat Rate
  • Produces a single Call Slip when posted
  • Includes its own Diary and Attachments


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The Acowin Quick Quote system gives you a powerful, easy-to-use tool for estimating simple projects in advance. After selecting the work Site and billing Customer, you can estimate the hours of labor that will be needed, along with a detailed list of the materials required. The system can mark up these labor and material costs, using one of your Rate Types, and produce a Time and Material price for the job. Alternately, you can enter a quoted price, or even use Flat Rate billing codes. The ability to merge Quick Quote data with Microsoft Word master documents gives you a fantastic tool for producing sharp proposal letters. A full Diary, and the ability to attach important files from external applications, are also included. When the project is sold to your customer, a Call Slip will be created automatically, to handle the work and billing. Detailed reports for tracking Quick Quote sales and profitability are provided.