Management Reports

Management Reports“We never really had an idea which techs or departments were making the company money until we got ACOWIN.  With the many profitability and other management reports available, we now know exactly who and what is profitable and more importantly, what is not!”

-Michael, VA

  • Simple to Use
  • Over 100 Reports
  • Wide Range of Profitability Reports
  • Ability to Export Reports
  • Mailing Labels


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ACOWIN includes a generous assortment of management reports, tailored to analyze invoices, service calls, customer data, equipment information, service contracts and more.  Over a hundred different reports are available, each neatly summarized on the master report screen, to help users quickly locate the correct report for their needs. Each report is prepared using a unique intelligent reporting assistant, which summarizes the results of a user’s requests and report criteria in plain English.  This will help users prepare complex reports with multiple sort and selection conditions easily.  Reports can be pre-viewed on screen, printed to a printer, or saved as Adobe Acrobat PDF files for easy transmission via e-mail.