“The ability to track multiple vendors part numbers and have them associated with our in-house ACOWIN part number makes it easy to order the same part from different vendors.”

-Don, AZ

  • Tracks detailed vendor information
  • Ties individual vendors part number to ACOWIN part number
  • Ability to view billing history by vendor
  • Vendors can be added on the fly


Vendor_Bills Vendor_Info Vendor_PartNum


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Not only does the ACOWIN Vendor File track all of a vendor’s pertinent information, but it also allows you to associate the vendor’s part number with your in-house inventory part number. This great feature allows you to purchase the same item from different vendors, but keep track of them all as one part in your in-house inventory. When purchase orders are printed or e-mailed, the vendor’s part number will be printed as well as your in-house part number assuring that the vendor ships you the correct part.  The vendor file also keeps track of the vendor’s billing history, allowing you to view the details of past bills at the click of a mouse.