Customer/Site Information

Customer/Site InformationACOWIN makes it easy to track multiple sites and gives us excellent detailed history.  The change ofownership feature is perfect for our market where properties are constantly being bought & sold!”

-Paul, NC

  • Unlimited Sites Per Customer
  • Comprehensive Site History
  • Ability to Change Ownership
  • Word Merge & Document Attachments
  • Marketing Source Tracking


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Gathering and using Customer Information is vital to the success of your business. With ACOWIN, the customer information is entered one time and flows throughout the whole system, eliminating the need for double and triple entry. Whether the customer has one site or hundreds, complete history and profitability will be tracked for each individual site. When an invoice is created, ACOWIN uses a rate schedule already defined in the Customer File to calculate the labor and material prices as well as the tax that should be charged. This simple feature helps to eliminate mistakes in billing and can increase cash flow by getting invoices out the door in a timely fashion. If you are using Flat Rate Billing, this information will be used to compare what you would have charged for the Time and Material versus what you did charge with Flat Rate.