Call Slip Invoicing

“My favorite part of ACOWIN is how the dispatch times, material used and purchase orders automatically create the invoice for me.  We are now able to get our invoices out the same day that the work was done with no errors and know the profitability of the call instantly.”

-Debbie, CA

  • Unique “Build an Invoice” Feature
  • T&M, Flat Rate and As Agreed Invoices
  • Instantly Shows Profitability
  • Automatically Relieves Inventory
  • Automatically Creates Detailed History


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Invoicing service calls has never been easier than with ACOWIN’s unique “Build an Invoice” concept. With “Build an Invoice” the information entered from dispatching and material usage is automatically carried through to the invoice, and priced using a rate schedule assigned to the customer’s site. This not only saves valuable data entry time, but it also ensures that the invoice is created for the correct amount and that all charges are applied against it. In addition to the invoice being created, Inventory, Service History, Equipment History and Profitability are all updated as a result. If you are using Flat Rate, simply enter the repair code(s) used and the sell prices will be updated automatically (ACOWIN integrates with most Popular Flat Rate Services). What better way to improve cash flow than to produce accurate invoices in a timely manner?